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"The overall aim of this research is to explore ways in which the legal system of Aotearoa/New Zealand can evolve so as to accommodate the best of the values and concepts of both major components of its society"


    Wednesday, June 7, 2006

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Robert Joseph completes Ph.D requirements

Alex Frame and Paul Meredith – articles in New Zealand Universities Law Review – June 2006.

Te Matahauariki to be published in Revue Juridique Polynésienne

Issue 10 of our Newsletternow availablefor download

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"The first Director of Te Matahauariki, Judge Mick Brown, established two principles which now seem permanently embedded in the fabric and tradition of our Institute – in our kawa and tikanga. First, that our quest is for the best of the values and concepts of our founding and evolving cultures with the purpose of exploring ways in which these might find reflection in our modern legal system. Second, that our practices and methods of research do not permit exclusions or divisions based on racial origins, although they undoubtedly recognise particular cultural traditions and the gradations of cultural knowledge and intellectual skill which will qualify scholars for particular tasks. I believe that time will demonstrate that these principles are the only sound foundation for the development of law-related scholarship in Aotearoa/New Zealand.


It is a great privilege to succeed Judge Brown as Director of Te Matahauariki and to become the temporary custodian of the founding principles established by him. Most fortunately, Judge Brown has agreed to remain on our very distinguished Advisory Panel from which vantage-point he will continue to be involved in our affairs, to influence our work, and remain a source of advice and inspiration to us."

Professor Alex Frame

Director, Te Matahauariki

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The following Occasional papers have sold out but are now availablefor download in a pdf format.

Joeliee Seed Pihama: Maori Ancestral Sayiung: A Juridical Role?

Te Matapunenga: A compendium of References to Concepts of Maori Customary Law

Te Matapunenga enters new Phase

Te Matapunenga Sample Document


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