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    Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Alex Frame and Paul Meredith – articles in New Zealand Universities Law Review – June 2006.

Paul Meredith's article ‘Pakeha By Law' : Section 17 of the Native Land Amendment Act 1912 allowed the Governor-General, on the recommendation of the Native Land Court, to declare a Native to be a European in law. This study records and analyses the origins of the legislative provision, the motives of its sponsors, the response by Maori, and its functioning between 1912 and 1931, with a view to understanding the reasons and circumstances which prompted applications and saw seventy seven Maori Europeanised.



Professor Frame's article ‘Te Heuheu's Case in London 1940-41: An Explosive Story' : This article traces the history of Hoani Te Heuheu's 1940 appeal to the Privy Council in London resulting in the tenacious doctrine that the Treaty of Waitangi is only justiciable where Parliament has so enacted. The personal papers of counsel in the appeal are used to reveal the wartime difficulties. The article critically examines the doctrine and proposes re-examination of it.



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